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Common Skin Conditions in Adults

At Summit Dermatology, we recognize that skin conditions can affect any age, at any time of your life, and our expert dermatologists are here to help you. As you get older your skin changes and your immune system interacts differently with your skin. Our specialist medical providers understand the changes in aging skin, and the different skin conditions we face as adults. We offer treatments for a huge variety of skin problems. These range from common skin conditions in adults like actinic keratosis, rashes, moles, seborrheic keratosis, and skin cancer, to rare skin disorders.

Not every skin condition is curable however, many can be managed with medication, treatment, and/or lifestyle changes. Regardless of your skin concern, it is always advisable to seek specialist dermatological advice. The common mole is a good example. Most moles are benign and removed for cosmetic reasons; however, a professional can identify if a mole is suspicious or possibly an actual skin cancer. We offer complete skin cancer screening examinations and routinely perform a variety of biopsy techniques to aid in confirming a diagnosis before treatment. Our medical providers also have an understanding of the Colorado environment. The dry climate can often cause rashes, and certain types of dermatitis worse and more frequent. We can advise on how to manage your skin condition in this specific environment.

At Summit Dermatology we have years of experience evaluating and treating a wide range of common skin conditions in adults. Our dermatologists pride themselves in staying up to date with the latest research. Although providing cutting edge treatment, your safety is of utmost importance, and our medical providers are specially trained and certified to take care of all your skin needs.

Adult skin conditions can be uncomfortable, can cause cosmetic problems that you may find embarrassing, or are sometimes the sign of a more serious underlying concern. Therefore, if you have any worries about your skin condition, please call our clinic at 719-667-0888 and schedule an appointment with one of our highly knowledgeable dermatologists. We look forward to providing you with high-quality care tailored to your individual needs.

Other Common Conditions: