Summit Dermatology

Adult and Pediatric Dermatology

Procedural Dermatology

We routinely perform a variety of biopsy techniques if necessary to aid in diagnosis or confirm diagnosis prior to treatment.  If a biopsy is not required, sometimes an in-office test may be performed to make the diagnosis.  We have a laboratory that is fully equipped for these special in-office diagnostic procedures.

Some inflammatory conditions may require injection of medication into certain areas of the skin.  We perform these types of injection with skill and expertise.  Our office is also equipped to provide systemic injections when necessary, and we provide training or in-office injection for newer biologic medications as needed.

We offer procedural treatments for adult angiomas, pyogenic granulomas, molluscum contagiosum, common and plantar warts, skin tags, seborrheic keratoses, lentigines, and other common skin growths.  We offer diagnostic or therapeutic mole removal.

Once a skin cancer is diagnosed with biopsy, there are a variety of treatment options, each appropriate for different types of cancers in different situations.  We frequently use non-surgical treatment options whenever possible, and often combine these with procedural treatments.  One of the procedural treatments, electrodessication and curettage (ED&C), involves the use of a sharpened tool to remove the skin cancer followed by destruction of the top layer of exposed skin with electrical energy.  The treated area of skin is allowed to heal without the need for sutures.  For slightly more advanced skin cancers, surgical excision must be performed to completely remove the cancer and to minimize the chance for recurrence.  We routinely perform this surgical technique in our practice.  In certain situations, we will recommend treatment with Mohs micrographic surgery.  We have a fully equipped lab in our office for performing this technique, and we are certified through the American Society for Mohs Surgery.  You will find further information about this procedure below.