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Wart Removal & Treatment in Colorado Springs and Monument, CO

Wart Removal and Treatment Colorado Springs & Monument, CO

Warts are growths on the skin that are benign and caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is contagious and more easily contracted through cracked or broken skin. Warts are typically skin-colored bumps with black dots in the middle of them that are clotted blood vessels. However, their appearance can be dependent on the type of wart that is present. Warts can go away on their own, but this can take several years, and at home treatments are often not enough to treat stubborn cases which require dermatologist wart removal to effectively eliminate them.

Summit Dermatology offers wart removal & treatment in both our Colorado Springs and Monument locations. Warts are one of the most common conditions that we treat, and our dermatologists are familiar with a variety of treatment options including:

  • Cryotherapy: this wart removal method involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart and may take two to four treatments.
  • Cantharidin: this is an agent that causes a blister to form on the wart that effectively lifts it off the skin. The wart is then removed from the skin after a few days once the blister has dried. This method does not penetrate the epidermal cells, leaving the basal layer of the skin intact and preventing scarring from occurring.
  • Chemical Peels: chemical peels are an effective wart removal treatment for multiple warts in one area. They often require at-home application of a prescription medication from a dermatologist which will cause the treated area to peel and remove the warts.
  • Electrosurgery and Curettage: this wart removal method involves burning the wart with an electric current that runs through a metal instrument and then scraping off the remainder with a spoon shaped tool called a curette.
  • Excision: this is the surgical removal of a wart.
  • Immunotherapy: this wart removal method involves using the patient’s own immune system to treat the warts.

Different types of warts and different cases will require different treatment options. If you have a stubborn wart that you would like removed, seeking dermatologist wart removal may be your best option. Our Board Certified Dermatologists in the Colorado Springs or Monument area are available for a consultation to discuss your options. We will work with you to determine the best course of wart treatment and removal for you.